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The Challenge

Having experienced success with direct mail as a standalone channel, a personal investment brand was looking for proof that an integrated campaign would lift performance and generate more qualified leads.

How We Helped

SeQuel set up a testing environment to demonstrate the advantages of operating a combined direct mail and digital campaign over direct mail alone. The brand began their journey with SeQuel Surround, employing a strategic sequence of timely digital touches based on the corresponding direct mail drop. Compared to a holdout audience of prospects that only received direct mail, SeQuel’s multi-channel digital and direct mail strategy delivered an exceptional lift in campaign performance and outperformed the control group.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"In today’s fragmented media environment, brands need prospecting strategies that focus multi-channel impressions, including print, on consumers most likely to convert. SeQuel Surround is a proven media strategy that does just that."
- Chris Hofmann, VP of Digital Services, SeQuel Response
Cross Web Platform
0 % increase
Surround delivered an 85% increase in conversion rate at the end of the in-home window
Three New Customers Impressions
0 k+ unique leads
Integrated campaign generated 2,000+ unique leads
Paid Per Click Blue Circles
0 k+ conversions
Surround drove 11,500+ secondary conversions