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The Challenge

Nine top consumer brands were invited to participate in a full-service shared mail program that would drive incremental sales with a profitable cost per acquisition (CPA).

How We Helped

SeQuel recognized an opportunity for leading consumer brands to reach a highly targeted audience through a shared mail package. Ranging in industry and mail experience, the complimentary brands included meal kits, cookware, apparel, fitness, furniture, wine, and travel. The limited number of mailers and unique creative strategy behind each insert ensured a relevant experience for consumers. While most mailers experienced incremental lifts over 25%, one standout brand achieved a 100% performance lift over holdout.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"The power of shared direct mail is perfectly illustrated by this campaign. We were able to put top consumer brands in front of a highly responsive audience for 1/10th the price of solo direct mail, while still driving results."
- Patrick Carroll, Director of Sales & Strategy, SeQuel Response
Mail Growth
. 0 % sales rate
Program generated average sales rate of .164%
Computer Floating Money
$ 0 + AOV
AOV of $150 to $4k, dependent on product/service
Piggy Bank
$ 0  CPA
Program produced average CPA of $43