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The Challenge

A meal delivery brand was looking to maximize the performance of its largest direct mail campaign of the season. 

How We Helped

Rather than run two mail-only campaigns, the brand utilized SeQuel Surround to execute a coordinated direct mail and digital marketing strategy. SeQuel leveraged the brand’s direct mail prospect list to target that same audience online with programmatic display advertisements during the mail program’s in-home window. The digital campaign reached nearly 65% of prospects (113K+) with an average of 8.6 impressions/person — generating more than 1K clicks and 320 purchase conversions.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"The success of this campaign serves as a representation of two advertising channels coming together to achieve what neither could do single-handedly."
- Jake Bawolek, Sr. Digital Media Analyst, SeQuel Response
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0 K+ reached
Reached over 113K prospects
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Generated hundreds of purchase conversions
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$ 0  CPA
Achieved CPA of $33