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The Challenge

Having previously managed its mailings in-house, a food and beverage retailer sought a direct mail agency to increase traffic and sales at their seasonal pop-up locations.

How We Helped

SeQuel launched a direct mail campaign to support hundreds of locations. The campaign was tailored to the specific sales goals of each pop-up and strategically timed to coincide with every store opening. The plan also included store-specific prospect models based on purchase propensity and geographic location. SeQuel’s creative team designed postcard mailers that featured exclusive in-store offers and when scanned, displayed the offer to the cashier via the point-of-sale system. During the campaign, SeQuel effectively navigated changes in store locations and adapted offers as needed, while providing daily analytics reports to monitor location-specific trends. Based on directly attributable offers, 13% of the seasonal transactions were driven from a direct mail piece. With the help from SeQuel, the retailer successfully scaled its mail program and achieved its critical quarterly goals.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"Each year SeQuel consistently shows us they’re not only leaders in the direct mail space, but fantastic partners amidst some of our last-minute business challenges."
- Jared, Director of Partnerships & Community Marketing, SeQuel Client
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0 % ROAS
Directly attributable ROAS of 200%
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0 % sales rate
Directly attributable sales rate of nearly 2%
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0 % more purchases
Mail recipients purchased 6% more items per transaction