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The Challenge

A prominent connected fitness brand sought to scale its new audience reach and increase conversions while effectively measuring the incremental cost of acquisition (CAC). Previously managing their own mailings in-house, they needed a reliable direct mail partner to take their program to the next level.

How We Helped

SeQuel’s comprehensive agency services and sophisticated testing methodology produced a 20% cost savings within the first year. After proving its value early on, the partnership continued to strengthen as the two worked together to drive scale and elevate the program. SeQuel Surround, a timely digital campaign synced with mail’s in home window, was introduced to propel conversions further and quickly became a consistent campaign element. To continue to optimize costs while expanding reach, SeQuel suggested complimenting solo mail with a shared mail program that surpassed performance expectations and hit CAC goals. For the past five years, direct mail has emerged as a top-performing channel that facilitates sustained growth — fueled by a versatile marketing strategy and a truly collaborative partnership.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"Our challenge lies in consistently driving incremental sales for a partner that possesses high brand awareness and maintains an active presence across all channels. While it may be easy to generate sales via direct mail for this brand, we can transform it into a reliable source of highly incremental sales through an innovative strategy of robust data modeling, creative optimization, and a transparent and trusting relationship."
- Ryan Wilder, Senior Marketing Strategist, SeQuel Response
Money Percentage Cut
0 % cost savings
Saved 20% in costs in year one
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$ 0  iCAC
Shared mail campaign yielded affordable incremental CAC
SeQuel Surround
0 % sales rate increase
SeQuel Surround increased sales rate by 20%
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>$ 0  iCAC
Overall incremental CAC meets client goal