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How To Overcome Signal Loss In Digital Marketing Campaigns

This article explores the dynamic shifts in digital advertising, triggered by Apple’s App Tracking Transparency and the impending removal of third-party cookies. Signal loss has emerged as a major hurdle, leaving marketers struggling to scale audience reach as customer acquisition costs climb. Erik shares actionable insights to regain signal, including leveraging offline purchasing data to fuel your digital prospecting campaigns.

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How Your Risk Mindset Impacts Your Brand Growth

This article examines the two traditional types of direct marketers: risk-averse and risk-tolerant. Erik also introduces a third option, the risk-adjusted marketer. Demonstrating a balanced approach to risk, risk-adjusted marketers leverage testing to harmonize tolerance and control. Read this article for examples of successful risk-adjusted strategies as well as advice on how you can work to develop a risk-adjusted mindset.

Prefer to listen? Check out our podcast The Direct Effect: How Your Risk Mindset Impacts Your Brand Growth

Erik’s recent Expert Panel® features from the Council

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