Influencer Marketing and Direct Mail: Q&A with SeQuel’s Creative Director, Tari Johnson

Often dismissed as a fad in the past, influencer marketing is now gaining widespread recognition for its effectiveness. In fact, it’s on track to reach a $24 billion valuation by the end of this year. Brands are taking note of this strategy and incorporating it into their marketing mix, along with other high-performing channels. One particularly potent approach is the integration of influencer marketing and direct mail. This strategy involves companies featuring influencer endorsements, messages, and imagery on mailers to drive conversions and create an engaging experience for recipients.

We sat down with our Creative Director, Tari Johnson, to discuss how influencer marketing and direct mail can work together to maximize a marketing campaign’s impact.

How do influencer marketing campaigns incorporate social proof to enhance brand credibility and build trust?

Johnson: Influencer marketing can be a highly effective strategy for a brand’s overall marketing campaign. To reach the intended audience, it is crucial to carefully select the right influencer who genuinely resonates with the brand’s mission and values. Once the best fit is found, this strategy can be used in various marketing tactics to further promote the brand.

Short videos shared on social media, the brand’s website, and television commercials typically have the most impact. To support the videos, a brand may use any number of additional tactics such as static and video digital ads, print advertisements in publications, billboards, environmental displays, live events, and direct mail.

For those with a robust budget, self-mailers with embedded videos or push-button play can make a significant impact and create a lasting impression. For successful campaigns that won’t break the bank, direct mail relies on imagery and printed quotes from influencers, customers, and media outlets. The combination helps build trust while appealing to various prospects, regardless of their feelings about the influencer. Small award logos, images, and star ratings further help build trust.

Can you share how brands integrate influencer marketing into their direct mail marketing campaigns?

Johnson: In recent years, brands have collaborated with influencers to feature messages, imagery, and endorsements within the mailed materials. By doing so, these marketers are able to:

  • Add a human touch to the campaign
  • Enhance FOMO on the endorsed products
  • Leverage the influencers’ audience to reinforce the brand’s message
  • Bridge the gap between online and offline worlds

For example, you may choose to include QR codes or personalized URLs in the direct mail to encourage prospects to connect with the influencers’ digital content, extending the customer journey beyond the physical interaction with your mail pieces.

Are there specific industries where incorporating influencer content into mail pieces is particularly effective?

Johnson: Influencer content can be effective in any industry. However, the impact is accentuated in the retail sector, including beauty, fashion, and wellness. Visually appealing and trend-driven content typically appeals to the interests of a slightly younger demographic, which is great for building a base of lifelong, loyal customers.

What should brands anticipate in terms of trends and opportunities for leveraging both?

Johnson: The trend continues to lean towards more natural partnerships and genuine endorsements from influencers that represent “real” people – although still aspirational in some respects. Influencers with strong credentials are trending forward, and by aligning with them, brands can build memorable campaigns that often lead to increased response while gaining further insight into who their audience is for maximum results.


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