As Seen on Total Retail: How to Design a Retail Direct Mail Piece Your Audience Will Love

How to design retail direct mail

When you think of retail marketing strategies for 2024, direct mail might not be the first thing that springs to mind. Yet, the simple act of sending a well-crafted mailer to your target audience can be a game-changer for driving customer response. Our latest Total Retail article shares new research highlighting mail’s success to help you create a retail direct mail masterpiece that not only captivates your audience but also accelerates your growth.

The following was originally published on Total Retail.


As we move towards Q4, retailers are gearing up for the most exciting shopping season, including Black Friday deals and holiday shopping campaigns. With such high traffic, the fourth quarter is crucial for marketers looking to maximize brand awareness and drive purchases. In today’s digital age, the mailbox may not be the first place you think of when planning your marketing strategy, however, new industry research shows direct mail is still one of the most successful customer acquisition channels for retailers.

The 2023 Direct Mail Marketing Benchmark Report evaluates the effectiveness of direct mail marketing and presents data collected from marketing decision-makers across various industries, with a majority from retail. The comprehensive report also includes consumer insights around direct mail sentiment, influence and preferences.

Keep reading for report insights to fuel your end-of-year direct mail marketing strategy, as well as tips to create a mailer that drives response with your target audience.

Increase ROI by Allocating More Budget Towards Retail Direct Mail

With 70 percent of marketers reporting an increase in direct mail effectiveness over the past year, it’s evident mail is still a reliable channel to drive retail sales and audience growth. In addition to an increase in performance, nearly 90 percent of respondents indicated they have increased or maintained direct mail investments in the last year — up 3 percent from 2022 data. Mail budget increases were higher than SMS/MMS, CTV|OTT, paid search/programmatic display, and SEO strategies.

Direct mail can help you achieve strong response rates and return on investment, so don’t let this influential channel fall flat while prioritizing digital strategies. Rather, consider allocating more of your budget towards direct mail to increase retail sales and customer loyalty.


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