Why You Should Send Black Friday Direct Mail

Black Friday Direct Mail

As Black Friday 2023 draws near, marketers are working hard to prepare for the vigor of the holiday shopping season. Many direct-to-consumer, e-commerce and retail marketers will go “bigger” (i.e., mail more) in November with a Black Friday direct mail campaign to reach this primed consumer group.

Here are five reasons why sending Black Friday direct mail is perfect timing for both your audience and your brand:

It’s a great time to test

Do not hesitate to test your direct mail strategy with new audience data sources or offers. Consumers are actively seeking out your deals while they shop for the holidays, and they will purchase from a new brand if the product or service is right.

For example, if you are a home goods brand eager to test a new postcard or self-mailer package, targeting your best leads with a unique Black Friday-only offer could push them to purchase. Moreover, testing unique messaging could provide valuable insights on what your key response drivers are, which can influence future tactics.

Loyal customers can increase response

While it is vital to engage fresh leads for brand growth, do not forget to reward your loyal customers who are also shopping this season. If a customer previously had a positive experience with your product or service, they are more likely to make a repeat purchase. Spread the holiday cheer with a special offer for customers who have already bought from your brand.

To re-engage with your house list as they are actively looking for gifts and discounts, think about referral, retention, cross-sell, up-sell, and win-back messaging. A direct mail automation program can help generate triggered, tailored, and timely pieces during this busy season to boost the effectiveness of your retention program.

Campaign performance will help your retargeting efforts moving forward

After experimenting with your direct mail campaign during and around Black Friday, evaluate the results and use that information to begin retargeting. This is a cost-efficient and proven strategy to connect with your previous, present, and potential consumer base. Direct mail retargeting can help you reach those who have visited your website, browsed a landing page, downloaded content, abandoned a shopping cart, and so on.

Also, keep in mind your direct mail efforts should not come to a halt once Black Friday is over. Closely watch your performance data and analytics to see what is working, then use those learnings to create post-holiday mailers for late-gifters or extended celebrations.

Just in time for forecasting

Black Friday direct mail performance can be analyzed and used as a resource while budget planning for 2024. If your voyage mail campaign went well, you can increase the investment next year. If you launched into the channel via shared mail or without outside assistance, next year consider boosting the effectiveness of your program with solo mail or an agency relationship. Either way, your Black Friday campaign performance will be a valued resource for future direct marketing planning.

Some brands experience better performance with November mailings compared to other months. Some brands experience a surge in demand around the holidays and invest accordingly in direct mail campaigns. Moreover, many mailers see better performance with November mailings compared to other months. If your brand sees higher demand around the holidays, consider how can seize the opportunity to test a new channel like direct mail. Testing a new channel in such a period can help minimize risk and yield valuable learnings that can influence next year’s Black Friday marketing strategies

Direct mail can drive digital engagement

Did you know that 76% of holiday consumers are seeking out deals via three or more channels? Now more than ever, it’s critical to make your offer known across multiple channels. Customers will be searching online, shopping in-store, scrolling through social media, and checking their mailbox.

Your campaign may receive higher attention, engagement, and sales if it is expanded to a multichannel format. Integrate your Black Friday direct mail strategy with digital marketing channels to touch prospects with timely digital impressions prior to and during your mail’s in-home window. Targeting your audience with an integrated strategy can increase awareness, engagement, and campaign response by as much as 40%.

Use your Black Friday direct mail campaign to set the tone for the holiday shopping season and let your valuable test learnings guide your strategy in the year to follow. Contact a SeQuel marketing strategist to get started.


Featured on Brand United on 10.11.22