Maximize Your Impact with SeQuel Shared Mail

According to our Direct Mail Industry Benchmark Report, 74% of marketers use a shared mail program as part of their direct response strategy. This innovative mailing technique involves grouping multiple advertisements into one package, enabling brands to reach a broader audience without incurring steep costs.

Shared mail programs have evolved significantly over the years, and with such high demand, we prioritize delivering a standout solution that meets the unique needs of our clients. SeQuel Shared offers countless benefits for brands across all sectors, whether used alone or with existing solo direct mail campaigns. But there are a few things that make our program unique. Keep reading to learn why SeQuel Shared Mail goes the extra mile for your direct mail budget.

Benefits of SeQuel Shared Mail

Digital marketing integration

91% of marketers agree that integrating direct mail and digital media increases campaign performance. Unlike other shared mail programs, SeQuel Shared offers digital marketing integration to take your direct mail program to the next level. This means your brand isn’t limited to a single touchpoint with your customers – rather, you’re given the unique opportunity to connect with your best audience across multiple channels to drive response.

At the heart of this approach is SeQuel Surround. This strategy helps you reach your shared mail audience with relevant and timely digital touchpoints concentrated around your mail’s in-home window. The result is more than a 40% lift in conversion rates versus direct mail alone.

By engaging potential customers on social media, the internet, and in their mailboxes, you may increase your influence and enable your physical mail offers to be noticed when it’s time to make a purchase.

High-quality, modern design

Since 74% of new customers are more likely to remain loyal to brands that prioritize high-quality creative content, we strive for packages that redefine first impressions. With a sleek 6”×9” closed-faced envelope adorned in black and gold, consumers are immediately drawn in.

We also have a deliberate design philosophy: consistency is vital. From uniform colors to curated imagery, each element ensures a seamless flow. Our uncluttered designs guide recipients through each piece and naturally direct eyes to critical information with content that drives response.

Jammed/bulky mailers can overwhelm recipients and lead to a lack of engagement with the brands inside. That’s why we offer smaller, more targeted packages to get your brand the visibility it deserves. We take pride in featuring a carefully curated collection of reputable brands, establishing a strong sense of credibility and authority in the market.

Speed-to-market and timing

Consumers perceive frequent timing as intrusive or spammy, while infrequent timing can lead to being easily forgotten or overlooked. This is precisely why our shared mail packages fit right in the sweet spot, encouraging consumers to act when they’re ready. Throughout the year, we curate five packages strategically timed to optimize direct mail’s impact during peak audience engagement periods – such as seasonal promotions and holidays.

The timeline for developing each package mirrors a solo direct mail campaign, yet brands are only required to engage with a single element—the insert. SeQuel oversees the list and outer envelope management, with USPS typically delivering within 7-10 days.

We stay responsive to market demands and collaborate to ensure a seamless, streamlined process. This eliminates any delays or bottlenecks, guaranteeing the timely delivery of your message.

Full-service team of experts

Our shared mail program stands tall on the foundation of a full-service, dedicated team of experts. From data management to guaranteeing compliance with all pertinent regulations, our commitment extends across every stage of your mail campaign. Throughout the process, brands can expect clear timelines and communication. We’re not just another platform; our dedicated strategists ensure each piece is executed on time and within budget.

Using the FaQtor Test methodology, we carefully analyze datasets, offers, and creative elements to determine which combinations drive the best response. Beyond the initial planning phase, our team remains committed to continual refinement to maximize the impact of your shared mail strategy.

Following each performance window, we provide a free matchback analysis to ensure you have the insights you need to grow from one shared mail campaign to the next.  

Join the success story today

Did you know that 69% of consumers engage with mail each week? That’s a huge opportunity for your brand to captivate and connect with potential customers in a personal and tangible way. With the power of SeQuel Shared Mail, your brand can maximize its exposure and engagement while making your direct mail budget go even further.

These nine top consumer brands were invited to participate in SeQuel’s full-service shared mail program to drive incremental sales with a profitable cost per acquisition. The limited number of mailers and unique creative strategy behind each insert ensured a relevant experience for consumers, and most mailers experienced incremental lifts of over 25%.

If you want to achieve similar results, SeQuel Shared is there for you. We are offering four more exclusive shared mail packages this year timed around crucial in-home dates: St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Black Friday.

Are you ready to feel the impact of SeQuel Shared?