ICYMI: Top Direct Marketing Articles from 2023

Top blog posts of the year

As we wave goodbye to 2023, it’s evident that the past year has been far from average. Brands had to put on their battle gear to fight disruptions to their digital prospecting strategies, shuffle their budgets to brace for a looming recession, and take a crash course in new artificial intelligence technology. One of the best ways to stay up to date on valuable marketing news and improve overall strategies is by learning from others in the industry. The following are six of our top direct marketing articles from the previous year, as decided by our readers.

  1. Direct Mail Research: 2023 Direct Mail Marketing Benchmark Report

This sneak peek post highlights new direct mail research commissioned by SeQuel Response and conducted by ISG Research. The industry report features insights into the current direct mail marketing landscape and its effectiveness, showcasing data collected from both B2B and B2C marketing leaders and consumers.

  1. Your Top 5 Marketing Objectives – Solved!

According to results from our direct mail benchmark study, marketers are no longer relying on a single channel to fill pipelines, but rather an integration of many channels. Here’s how you can use an integrated strategy to reach your top marketing objectives.

  1. Direct Mail Volume & Trends Report

Updated each quarter, this infographic-style report provides data on direct mail channel volumes, market insights, and new trends to help you maintain the success of your mail strategy and campaign execution.

  1. Direct Mail ROI Surpasses Digital Mediums

ANA’s Response Rate report highlights benchmark performance and cost data across direct marketing channels, including direct mail, paid search, digital display, email, social media, and SMS. This blog post highlights key findings from the annual report.

  1. Digital Prospecting for a New Era

Digital advertising has recently experienced disruptions due to industry shifts, including “signal loss” affecting digital prospecting success and program ROI. Find out why alternative solutions like SeQuel’s ProspeQtor™ promise improved targeting and strong campaign performance.

  1. Letter vs. Postcard: Which Direct Mail Format is Right for My Brand?

Both letters and postcards have high response rates, so how do you decide which direct mail format is best for you? This quick guide shares use-case scenarios and strategies for the most popular mail package types.

Plus, here are more top direct marketing articles that just missed the cut:


The list above is just a sample of the many direct marketing articles, reports, best practices, and strategy insights published by SeQuel Response this past year. Join our mailing list for more essential direct marketing info to help you grow, then read more about what the coming year has in store for marketers: